Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hot lesbian experience

 One fine day I got a mail from a girl named Uma (not real name).

She was very frank and right to matter. She gave me her number and address in her first mail saying to contact her if she likes for a “girlfriend” type of friendship. I was little doubtful about her mail thinking that it may be a guy acting as a girl to get my contacts. She said that she is also from Trivandrum.

I am totally against this lesbian relationship. I didn’t reply to her for a few days and was not liking her attitude. My curiosity increased day by day to know her. Finally I wrote back to her and said that I just wanted to meet her, not for a “girlfriend” friendship, but just to know her. The revealation of my identity and meeting a stranger was very dangerous. I asked her to come to a public place wearing some green colored dress.

She wrote back immediately saying the complete details about her and the type of dress and color ( she preferred to wear golden yellow). We fixed the date, time and meeting place thru mails. When the days were nearing I was getting scared and nervous. Finally the day arrived.

I was restless all the day due to curiosity. I told my mother that I may be late because of some project assignments. I went our meeting place with bit nervousness. I was little early. I didn’t find anyone with the golden yellow colored dress. It was a crowded public place. That gave me some sort of comfort. If it was a lonely place I will be very scared.

Our time was 3:00pm. As my watch needle was moving towards 2:55, my heart beat increased and I could feel the thrust of my heart beats. I kept my bag tightly hugged to my chest. I was keeping on looking around and also glancing to my watch. At around 3.01 and I felt a hand touching my shoulder. It was a great shock to me and I just turned around to look at the person.

It was not the person I was expecting in Golden yellow dress. I found an cool pretty woman in her late twenties wearing a Red salwar. She was smiling at me and said “Hello Dreaming girl”. 
“So you are the popular Dreaming Girl - Anu” she surprised me further “What are you talking?

Who are you ? “ I responded back without accepting the fact that I was caught “Come on... may be you are talking to a wrong person” I didn’t let her to catch me. “Anu, cool down. No more” “Anu... I like to call you like that, I like your name in that way and don’t worry, I don’t want to know your real name or whereabouts.

It applies to you also, do not ask me more about me, OK ?” “I nodded my head” I was just agreeing to what she was saying, without much to say. “ you can call me Uma” She identified herself with the same fake name as in the mail. “How did you recognise me?”

I asked her “Look Anu, Its easy to catch you from your looks here. You are so worried and anxious to see me, right” “I never expected Anu to be such a nervous person, I too was bit nervous before meeting you” she said “I am also not nervous now” I said, even though I was still feeling my body chilled with this strange encounter. It was the most adventurous thing I had ever done in my life.

She was looking gorgeous. The fragrance of her perfurme was having some special effect on me... She looked so pretty with perfect well maintained shape and proper height. I felt myself inferior in front of her.. I liked her smell and it was really pulling me towards her. Its true that some perfume smell give some sort of appealing. I could see her bulged creamy soft breasts thru her low neck salwar.

She was wearing a tight bra to make this bulge out. The people nearby were all staring at her (including girls). Her high heeled shoe was matching with her dress colour and her bag texture. Her all nails were shaped and coloured. She didn’t apply much cosmetics (well she even don’t need that). I was getting jealous on her beauty.

She caught hold of my hand and took the bag from me. Her hands were as soft as a flower. “Don’t look at me like that, come lets go...” saying that she pulled me to follow her. Going where...? I really wanted to ask that, but the question remained in my mind itself. I was following her as if some magic was done on me. I couldn’t resist her.

I just followed like a child following her mother holding her hand. Her walking style itself was having a rhythm. I glanced at her while we were walking towards her car. The swing of her breasts were really a pleasant treat to my eyes. We walked so close brushing her shoulders on me. I was feeling good at that time.

She opened the door for me.. I am not saying much about her car. I think there are only few numbers of this model in Trivandrum. (Yes it is that expensive and real classy). I could only dream about getting a ride in this type of cars. She got into the car, she was cool with a naughty smile in her face. I was still in some wonderland with this beauty Angel.

She rested her head on the steering...looked at me and smiled.. “Are you ready....for this ride?” she asked I just nodded my head with a artificial smile on my face. Even I wanted to resist this ride, my curiosity was not allowing me to do that. Also, Its very hard for me to say “No” to someone.

She put on some nice piano tunes in the car CD player. I was feeling very cold inside that car. I asked her to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. She caught hold of my right hand and said “Why you hands are so cold ?” I didn’t reply for that. As she drive's through the traffic, I felt myself lost in her beauty, and captivated in her presence.

Looking out the window at the passing vehicles, I try to collect my thoughts. How did I get myself in this situation The car went out of the city and was going thru some places which I ever seen before. The streets were quiet with less traffic and few public on the road. She stopped the car in front of a big house with nice garden in front.

The garden was densed with different varieties of orchids and roses. It was giving a beautiful add on to the looks for the house. She pressed horn and a lady in her mid 50’s rushed out to open the gate for us. “She is my only companion here” she said “She has been with since I was young, we do not treat her as a servant, Instead as a family member” she said.

The old lady smiled at me while the car slowly moved in “My friend” she told that lady. 
While getting out of the car she told her “Tonight she is with us for dinner, get ready to show your cooking skills OK” The lady looked so happy on having a guest at that house.

The house was well maintained with cosy furnitures, designed interiors and expensive wall pictures. It was giving comfort rich feeling inside. It was quiet inside. The lady rushed to the kitchen for the dinner preparation. I was cool by now without any nervous feeling. Uma, called me to follow her to the upstairs. It was evenly maintained at the upstairs also. I found 3 rooms over there. She took me to one of the bedroom.

I just followed her without much hesitation. “Don’t worry only we 3 are here, nobody will come and bother you” she said. “This is my room where I fly with my fantasies same as you” 
It was a large bedroom with a big coat. The bedroom windows were full sized with nice curtains.

A small soft sofa and a tea table was also in that room. There was a sleek LCD TV fixed to the wall, a DVD player, a phone, a split air-conditioner, a mini fridge, all toghether a stylish cosy bedroom. She told me to make myself comfortable, that she would be back in a few 

I sat down on the couch, the same one she relaxes in everyday. She put on some movie on the DVD player and moved towards the attached bathroom. I was not interested to watch any movie at this time. I looked at my watch and it was nearing 4:00pm. I was also getting worried. Many questions were going thru my mind.

Why am I here? Why did I follow her? Who is she? All of these we getting unanswered inside me.. The movie was some soft romantic english movie. There were some nice smooching scenes which tempted for my eyes to get sticked to the screen.

The guy on the movie was smooching this girl passionately hugging her tighly. The scene gave me some feelings in me.. By now she opened the bathroom door. Wow....It was a pleasant look......a beauty queen. Her hair was wet. She was having a different sexy look than before. She wore a transparent clothing, it was not a nightie.

But something similar to that, which I haven’t seen before. I could see her firm creamy breasts thru that dress. The dark nipples were slighly visible thru that. The dress was only upto her knees. I can see her thighs and beautiful wheatish legs. I was just staring at her, and I could not take my eyes for long time..

“Anu,..why are you looking at me like this...?” I couldn’t say anything.. She came near to me, I think she had applied that wild perfume again. It was appealing so much. “Anu....touch me...feel me....” she whispered on my ears It was having a lusty feeling She's so close but yet so far away.

I wanted to kiss her, but my mind said no, you don't know how she will react, wait to see if she makes a move first. Stupid mind I say to myself, If I don't take the chance I'll never know!! Am I becoming a lesbian....? The question shoot into my mind. I felt her hand rest on my hip, she took a step closer.

I caught the scent of her perfume and closed my eyes to bask in it, then turned to her. I look right into her eyes, and noticed her smiling. My breathing was getting intensified & more rapid. 
Do I have the guts to move in to kiss her? What should I do? I was getting in mood, and at my nervousness I called,

" Uma.. "....She hears it, and realizes while looking into my eyes, and noticing my hand shaking that I am nervous. "Anu Let me..kiss you" she proclaims, and with that wraps her arm around my waist pulling me to her, brushing her lips against mine. I needed that kiss badly...YESS!!

My fantasies are finally going to come to true thru this woman, I'm going to give her what she needs, what she desires, everything in her wildest dreams, and she is going to give me everything I've only been able to dream of so far, until now. I press my lips softly against hers, and slowly open my mouth to her, as she pushes her tongue into my mouth.

I allowed it to enter willingly, and slide my own into her mouth, our tongues were rubbing now, our kiss becomes firmer, more passionate. I place my hand gently on her cheek and slide my fingertips down her earlobe, to her jaw. Allowing my other hand to wander, it was searching all over her body.

She doesn't resist....but was moving to my needs. I lifted her dress up. She made a soft moan of pleasure as my hand cups her breast, caressing and fondling her, underneath the fabric. I paused and break our kiss, looking into her eyes, before placing soft, warm kisses down her neck, to her collar.

I closed my eyes as she puts her hand on the back of my head, playing slowly with my hair. With both hands I gently lift her dress, breaking away from her once more, and slip it up over her head, tossing to the floor. Pulling her closer to me I begin kissing her again. Moving my hands behind her. I Leaned back and watched as I exposed her naked beautiful breasts inch by inch.

I glide my hands up and down her back, moving my lips closer to her shapely breasts. "Uma...You're so beautiful" She only smiles, and tosses her head back as I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking it slowly, softly,.... twirling her other nipple between my fingers.

I started gently nibbling on her hard nipple, wrapping my arm around her waist to steady her as her knees grow weaker. As I was moving my hand down from her breast to her pussy inside her pink panties. There I began to rub the palm of my hand against her, and felt the warmth, and the slight wetness.

"Uma...mmmmm, I need you, I need to feel you, " she manages to say. A moan escapes from my lips as she was begging. I Kissed down her belly and circled around her navel, occassionally allowing my tongue to enter inside the cervice. My arm still wrapped around her waist, I remove my hand from it's play on her pussy, placing it softly against her hip.

My tongue was invading her body. Her scent now upon me, is driving me absolutely crazy. My fingertips slip underneath the side of her panites, and push them over to one side. I kiss her pubic hair, then without warning, part her lips with my tongue, and lick the entire length of her pussy.

"Anu.... " she moaned, at the sudden work of my tongue. I continued to lick her slowly, up and down, before stopping. I stood up and kissed her hard, our tongues rubbed once more. She was getting crazy to taste her pussy in my mouth. She needs it, and she needs it NOW!

"Let's go to the bed" she said, I agreed. We walked together as one, my body against her back, arms wrapped around her, one touching her pussy, the other caressing her breast, my lips kissing the back of her neck. We stood at the end of the bed together as we were one, she reached behind me placing her hands on the back of my neck, before I turn her around.

As we kissed I gently lay her down on the bed, and start removing her panties, licking my way down her magnificent body until I removed her panties and smiled at her. We laugh for a second or two together until I get down on my knees at the foot of the bed. I passionately caress and kiss her thighs as I travel up her body.

Then part her lips with my fingertips, and lick her clit softly, up and down, and around, slowly getting faster. She places her hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy, and I wrap my mouth around her clit, sucking gently, and rolling my tongue around it.

"Anu....yes...that's it...please don't stop....suck it harder......uh" she screamed. I do what she wants, sucking harder on her clit. I bring my hand up and carefully insert two fingers inside her hot, wet pussy. Her pussy reacts by tightening around them, as I thrust in and out slowly at first, until her body starts to shake.

With her hand she buried my face even deeper into her pussy, as she starts bucking her hips. I suck faster and harder on her clit, rapidly flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth, and thrusting my fingers deeper, harder,and faster in and out of her pussy. "I'm cumming Anu.......yessss...mmmm....!!!"

I quickly reach up with my hand and firmly cup her breast, squeezing and rolling it, and it took her over the edge. She pushed as hard as she could on my head with both hands, lifting her hips right up, and tossing her head to the side. "Anu.......yessssssss..I'm cumming....yes...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Her orgasm came hard and fast, I didn't let up her, and continued licking her. Her cum over my mouth and chin, running down between her cheeks, and dampening the sheets. She came again right away, this time I slowed down after she came, removed my fingers from inside her, licked her slit throughly, and entered inside her pussy with my tongue taking in every drop of her honey.

When I stopped I looked up into her eyes, and we smiled at each other. I crawled slowly up onto the bed each of my arms and legs on either side of her, sliding my body up against hers. I pushed my lips against hers french kissing her softly, passionately, letting her taste her own cum, then broke away and layed down beside her.

"Anu, I love you." she said, and I can tell in her eyes that she does. "I don't want you to leave, stay with me, please?" We kissed again, resting her head on my chest, closing her eyes, and drifts off to sleep.

I'll let her sleep now, listening to her breathing, knowing she loves me, that what we've shared together, we will share forever. Dear readers, I have to stop this chapter here. I know that this chapter was quite long with the hot and erotic moments between us.

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