Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fetish babe neighbour..

Smithas house was in a high range area and the surroundings were forests giving the place a very scenic view. Once on return from a holiday she brought pure honey and presented one bottle to the warden whom we called secretary.

She kept one bottle of honey for us and we used to drink two spoons every day. Next Sunday evening she returned from home with a bottle of wine for me. I never thought it was a liquor, because I heard the story of Jesus and Wine with appam.

We were very good friends but had never discussed on any sexy matters upto that Sunday which I cant forget. That evening she raised the subject of sex asked me about how I masturbate. I was little shy and puzzled and I didn't know what to say.

But as she teased me not to hide my action which is natural for any girl I thought why should I hesitate to say because Smitha is such a good friend. She had given me panties earlier and now she had brought Wine for me specially to only to make my cheeks reddish.

I told her I masturbate almost everyday and it was with my fingers. After some more talk on girls and boys we took our dinner from the mess hall and returned. Her topics were only about sex that evening. She then took two glasses and filled it with wine.

It was a reddish water. She drank it in one zip. So I also did. She filled half in both glasses again. and again talked about how she masturbated. She said she had a lot of items to enjoy her masturbation better each time to play with on her cunt.

I asked her to show me these but.she said she would show everything another day. The Wine had a little effect on my head. I was angry with her why she doesn't show her that things. Smitha came closer to me and took my cheeks into hers

and told me she loved me more than anything in the world. I replied her in the same way. Then she asked me to give her a kiss. I knew very clearly she was expecting only a kiss on her cheek. But what I did is took her lips and tongue into my mouth and sucked all her saliva.

Our tongues fiddled together inside my mouth. She was shocked because she never expected a sudden action from me. Our kiss lasted upto 5 minutes and then both of us sat on the bed and she looked into my eyes. There was a satisfaction in her eyes. We finished the Wine.

I was really on wheels. Next day only I realized a half glass was enough for girls. Smitha had trapped me. She badly needed me to play with her sexually as she was wanting to be fucked which was not possible.

She asked me to kiss her all over the body. I took off her nighty and she was in her bra and panty and the golden hairs on her body was really nice. It had gone inside her panties and I then removed slowly her foreign bra and panties.

She was undressing me also and we became totally nude in our closed room. My hand first searched for her ass hole-my favourite part in the human body. Yes that was because of the energy of Wine in me as I don't think I would have otherwise been free to be nude.

When my finger reached her ass hole and I tried to rub that area she whirled and her breathing dramatically increased. She was meanwhile holding and sucking my tiny breasts.I put my one finger inside her ass hole and started stroking.

As my frequency of stroking increased there was some wetness coming out from her asshole. She put the pillow to her mouth to reduce her groaning noise. I then removed my hands and started sucking her asshole area as

she spread her legs and my whole tongue went inside that nice hole. My cunt was alsofully wet then. She sucked and sucked all of that and we started 69 play. I told her to treat my ass hole. My enjoyment on being sucked at the asshole for the first time after 7 years

(this was the first time after my chechi's treatment!) brought out a lot of thrilling sensation in me. She was a professional on the sex play. How nicely she was making me enjoy as she also enjoyed playing there. We both got orgasm three times that night.

My asshole was surrounded by small hair as the pusyy (and she discovered that) but hers was very nicely clean shaved and had no hair there. (But she had a long thick hair on pussy face. She said she would shave mine before we have a next session.

From the next day Smitha insisted four rules for our room. First is she took out the lock of our bathroom. It was a wooden piece which we can turn from inside to lock the door. She said there was no need of that lock. I agreed with her.

But it felt me little confusing when I was shitting inside all mornings. I was afraid of her entering to bathroom that time. But her aim was diferent. She always came inside for her teeth brushing every morning while I was on shit.

First it was very difficult for me but later I also adjusted and very happy to enjoy her proximity there at that time. She helped me for happy shiting by pressing my stomach. Yes I enjoyed it. And I helped her also. I was turning to a real fetish????

Second rule was this. From that day we doesn't have anything of self own. All items can used by both of us. For applying this rule with immediate action she throwed out my old tooth brush and tounge cleaner to the compound of the next building through the window.

She trowed out my 5 old panties and bras also to the same compound. From that day we used same underwears. I was turning to a fetish???? Third rule was from that day we never had any dress if we both were in the room(means if the door closed from inside).

We had only a three door window and it was on the back side. So nothing to worry to be naked in our room. I agreed that rule with whole heart. Next rule was to wake up morning four o clock for studies. She was so bright and was doing her Mcom privatly.

She got the job when she was doing her Bcom so she had to stop her studies there but she passed her Bcom on the same year. For her promotion scopes she continue studying and wished to take Mcom.

(Now she finished her LLB with evening classes and she will get promotion into the legal wing of that firm very soon) She never ready to allow the study to be affected by these sexual practices. She purchaced a T-square for me. (It was drawing tool) I had so much homework on drawing.

Usually we did that on our class room because it needs a drawing table. When she saw me struggling with the big drawing sheets in the floor, she arranged me the permission to do my drawings in a nearby construction company's office which deals with the plan of buildings.

It was her collegue's brothers office. His wife was the main draftsman there. So it helped me a lot. She loves me very much. It was not because of our sexual experiments. basically she is such a nice person.

I was little confused with her extra ordinary sexual practices but her love with me was more more enough to forget everything. And I enjoyed that extra ordinary sex also. In my life time I never felt guilty for any affair with her. I liked her because she liked ass hole rather than pussy.

One day she came with a different thing. I had no idea of what it was. Next morning, It was a second saturday and we both didn't go to home that week.She brought some hot water early morning from the mess kitchen and she adjusted its heat and filled a bag on her new apparatus.

I was on sleep then. She told me spread my legs. I was laid on the bed and my back upwards. She put her fingure to my asshole (I was fully naked in the bed) As usual I spread my legs apart in sleep. she then screwed that pipe to my ass hole and pressed the bag.

A small heat spread all over my stomach. It was marvellous. After the pumping of all water to my stomach she took me to bathroom. I was in sleep hangover then. She told me to sit on the closet and she pressed my stomach.

I asked what was she doing? She said me to wait. After few seconds a storm came out from my stomach and yes it was a continues flow. She laughed as she was seing a comedy film. I was enjoyed the last drop from my stomach and for more than fifteen minutes I waited there.

It was nice experiment. She said all ass hole maniacs must do this once or twice in a month. I asked her from where she got these knowledges? she said from debonair magazine. How dare she to purchased it from a medicalshop!

She said it was availlable only one shop on that big city. She went down and brought my KANJI (the holiday breakfast for that hostel) for me by telling I was sick. The Kanji felt me better. She did her enima anotherday and I nursed her for that.

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