Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heavenly fuck with girlfriend

I am Rahul from chandigarh.i am 19 with 6 inch is the fantasy by the story starts.It was her birthday so I took Khyati to my newly rented flat, on an excuse to celebrate it and make her see my new place too.

She was dressed in chocolate colour suit, choco colour lips and payals on her lovely legs (I asked her to always wear payals whenever she is with me). I already had got a cake and some rags and pillows to sit or even lie on the floor.

I showed her around my new place and she liked it, then I took her to my to be bedroom where I had placed the rags and the cake. We both opened our shoes and sat on the rag, with her beside me. I made her cut the cake and we both ate a piece or two,

then I took out from my pocket a new pair of slim silver payals. I took her legs on my thighs, opened the old ones and put the new ones in its place. She seemed very happy as she was cont. Smiling. I then kissed her new payals and caressed her legs over the clothes,

I now removed her legs from mine and again sat beside her. I put my left arm across her shoulders and pulled her close and planted a full kiss on her lips. I pressed my lips on hers and licked her lips and also tasted her lipstick and she now slowly parted her lips and

I shove in my tongue and mingled with hers. Soon I was sucking her tongue and kissing her deep, as my right hand was caressing her boobs above her suit. Soon I made her lie down on the rag on the pillow, but my lips didn’t leave hers and I was cont.

Kissing her and chewing her lips. As she lay down I shifted my lips on her ear lobes, kissing and biting them and shoving my tongue in her ear, then I pulled on her kurta and placed my lips on her naked shoulder and started to lick and kiss my way around.

I even bit on her shoulder and left my teeth marks on them, while I was doing all this, she just grabbed me by my hairs and made sound like Shhheeeeee, Sheeeeeee, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I moved down and raised her kurta till her bra as she resisted me from raising it,

but I did with some efforts and set my lips upon her lovely navel and smooth belly. I kissed and licked my way up her belly till I reached her soft and lovely boobs encased in a off white bra, waiting to be hardended by my touch.

I caressed one of them while kissing the other above her bra. She continued clutching my hairs and moaning out loud, I slid my hands under her back till they reached her bra hooks as I kept on sucking and kissing her now hard boobs above her bra.

Now I unclipped her bra, she did resist but not much as her lips were sealed with mine, and her effort to push me off also failed as I was holding on to her tight. I now removed her bra from her boobs as it was before my eyes ready and hard to be sucked and licked and caressed.

I set my lips now on the naked nipples and sucked them hard and licked and bit the nipples.she now just moaned loudly and her head moved from side to side as I sucked and bit and caressed her lovely boobs, they were soon all wet by my saliva.

Now I could feel she was hot as her breathing was much laboured now and she was resisting no more. I moved down till I reached between her legs, I took her left leg on my hand and kissed the toe and feet and played with the shining payals, did the same with her other leg,

then kissed my way up above her clothes, caressing her thighs above her clothes, now I kissed her cunt above her clothes and she shivered with excitement and I had to hold on to her waist to steady her as I kissed and sucked her cunt above her pyjama.

Now as she was lost in feeling I slowly reached for the nada of her pyjama and slowly opened it, she didn’t even come to know. Now I gripped her panty waistband and her pyjama and pulled them down her legs in a single swipe and it just peeled off before she could react,

soon her panty and her pyjama was off her lovely legs and lay in a heap on the floor. She tried to hide her asset with her kurta and cried out nooooooooooooooooooooooo plsssssssss noooooooooo. I ignored her cries and kissed her lovely thighs and gripped her hands to remove

kurta with which she covered her cunt. And kissed her on the waist. I now held both her hands with mine as my lips continued the assault on her boobs kissing and licking, her shoulder and her choco lips. Now I again moved down between her legs and inhaled her aroma

and kissed her cunt above her bush. She now lay still, as I parted her bush and saw her pink lips and placed my lips upon them. She shivered again and I held her waist to steady, now I licked her pussy lips and slowly shove in my tongue deep in her cunt.

She now moaned so loud that I feared my neighbours could hear her. She clutched my hairs as I licked and ate her deep and slow.she was soon all wet and hot, now I got up and undressed my self as she looked on, now I made her sit and took off her bunched off kurta and bra.

She now lay before me totally nude except her shining slim payals on her lovely long legs. Now I lay down upon her and kissed her deep and again sucked her lips and then her nipples. Now I got between her legs and positioned myself as my tool was rock hard.

I placed the tip on her hole lips and pushed, it slipped the first time, I urged Neeru to guide it on her hole, she obliged and held my tool and placed it on her hole lips again. Now I pushed and the tip went in, she cried out in pain Nooooooooooooo..bahar nikalo bahar nikalo (take it out).

I grabbed her shoulder and pushed harder, she tried to clutch my shoulder and push me off, but I held on, I pulled out till the tip and pushed harder again, half of my tool went in, I pulled back and pushed again and it all went in till the hilt.

She was sobbing and crying nooooooooo nooooooooooo plzzzz nooooooo. I ignored her cries and became still for her to bear the pain, soon she was quite as she clutched my shoulders with her lovely I slowly pulled out and pushed again and soon it became a steady rhythm,

she was now no longer sobbing but her laboured breathing and closed eyes showed that she was enjoying it now. She now wrapped her arms around my back and dug her nails with each stroke of mine. I kissed her and increased my pace and was now banging her fast,

she wrapped her lovely legs around my waist and gripped me and moaned loudly.. ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh sheeeeeee sheeeee. I now took her lovely legs and kissed it and licked it and put them on my shoulders and played with her payals and started to pound her deep

and fast. She grabbed her pillow to keep steady with my pounding and soon her hands were on my waist, nails digging in and she pulled me more in her. Her eyes were closed as she moaned and screamed loudly. I was now pounding her madly and soon came deep in her,

as I shoot my sperms deep in her, she also came with me. I now fell on top of her as her cunt milked my tool and kissed her deep and rolled off her. That day I took her 2 more times and she was sobbing in the evening scared of becoming pregnant.

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