Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun party with HOT SEXY BOY

I am Seema, 24 yrs of age, unmarried girl sharing some of my recent real experinces, which has taken me into a great new world of experiences. I work as accountant with a software firm and am staying in a one room flat given by company.

I have a very close circle of friends, some of them being married ladies of around same age. These ladies having well to do husbands and nice families.they were requesting me for joining them in kitty parties several times,

but due to lack of time and my professional duties I was denying. Two of my close friends from the same circle one day told me something about these parties which excited me quite a bit. First neha told me to come in party to see some unbeleivable things.

I thought some gift games among the ladies. She said no, it's more than games.then sweta called the same day and told me- don't miss this time, u r going to get some best entertainment of life if u come. But to know what it is u will have to come there first.

I was wondering about what they were talking about. I was just hoping that saturday I get full off from office otherwise I wud miss the party.i was thinking about calling office and checking assignments, suddenly was a beep on my mobile, it was neha again-' u r coming na today,

I hv already told for u'. After thinking a while I called my office and told that I won't b coming to work.then I had no idea how to prepare for this kind of party. I checked with sweta, who said, u can wear anything, but it's lehenga day.

Don't bring anything with u rest everything will be available at neetu aunty's place, where I had to go. I found out a green color lehenga for me which looked quite good on my beautiful body. It took about 20-25 minutes to reach there by my maruti.

I parked it in visitor's parking and hurried to neetu aunty's apartment. I called my office again and informed them that my mobile will be off for some time. It was 2:15 in the afternoon, I was already late by 15 minutes. Neetu aunty has a nice big size 4 bed room flat,

her husband is a nice guy who travels for 10-15 days every month. I was expecting all woman gathering. I was little nervous also, what i'll talk. Thank god I knew at least neha n sweta who will be there. I rang the bell and immediately was ushered inside.

About 10 ladies were busy gossiping inside. Curtains were down with no sunlight coming in. Her drawing room was dimly lit. I found neha there who introduced me to all the ladies. They welcomed me.some of them praised my beauty and dress combination too.

They were all between 20-35 yrs.not very modern also. Thank god.'neha have u told her what all we do in this party" asked aunty. "no, not really." replied neha. "well reena, most important thing is a secrecy policy, u must never tell anybody what all u see here, and we assure u,

everything will be great here." said aunty I was quite amused what is going to happen. Anyway I did not expect anything extra-ordinary, as I saw all the ladies busy in chatting as usual. Then sweta announced" please finish the foods/drinks fast as the special dishes have already come

and waiting for us" I was thinking of some cookery stuff or so. In another 5 minutes or so, neha announced again " shall we call the special dishes now" one of the ladies replied "yes yes why not, neha seems to be very hungry' and all of them started laughing again.

I was still unable to make out anything. Then from inside appeared 3 youngmen into the hall, and all the ladies clapped for them. All 3 of them were bare chest,average looking wearing just shorts and boots. I was shocked to see this happening suddenly.

Sweta pinched me and said "how did u like it, don't think about anything, just enjoy wahtever is happening." they came close to each of the ten ladies and shook hands.all 3 of them were well built and of age around 30.

The atmosphere was so intoxicating that it was difficult to take eyes off from these men.slow instrumental music was making the atmosphere very romantic. The ladies were taking them randomly for dance as well.all seemed to be enjoying there company very much.

I was feeling a bit shy. Then I saw siraj, one of the guys looking at me, he came to me and put his hands on my waist and a small peck on my cheek and said- " u r looking pretty dear" and took me to dancing. About 30 minutes passed and then mrs rachna announced- boyz pls

choose yr group and take them for the show. This was new again, I asked sweta- what is this?? She said- just keep watching. Then siraj came to us and announced I want neha, sweta and this new beautiful lady reena with me. Everyone clapped.

Other two men also selected their group of 3-4 ladies. By now my heart was beating fast in anticipation. Siraj and we three women proceded to one of the bedrooms. I was surprised to see the kind of decoration it had been given. In the centre it had round shape bed,

with filmi type transparent net falling to the sides. Probably other 2 groups went to other bed rooms.nice romantic music was on. We 3 ladies had to sit on the sitting tools on one side of the room. Slowly siraj started gyrating his body just about 4-5 meters away

from where we were sitting.i looked at neha and sweta, all eyes were fixed on siraj's musculine dancing body.after about 10 minute, to my surprise siraj dropped his shorts and kicked it away. He was in his jockey briefs only now.

His bulge was so long that it was making a tent like appearance. All 3 of us were breathing heavy now. Not that I was not fucked earlier, but whole thing was boyfriend had fucked me couple of times when I was 18, but I did not enjoy it then.

The place where siraj was dancing and we 3 were sitting was brightly lit by spotlight, I turned to see my sahelis. Neha was looking gorgeous in her red color bridal lehenga.siraj came near sweta and planted a kiss on her. Then he came to me and whispered-'kiss me sweetie."

and before I could say anything,he put his lips on mine, and slowly licked my lips with his tongue. While doing this his bulge touched my hands, oh my god! Then he went to neha and both of them remained liplocked in a long passionate smooch.

I saw siraj moving his right hand under her red lehenga.was he rubbing her pussy. Then again he came back to place where he was dancing.after a while he put his both hands inside his jockey and probably started stroking his huge cock. Then came the thrilling surprise,

he slowly started lowering his jockey and his huge cock sprung out.all this was much more than I could ever dream.his shaven chest and pubic hairs and tool was looking so attractive. He was rubbing his hand and stroking his cock all the time.

I could see now his purple color cockhead clearly, big man definitely!! Again he was coming to us one by one.he uttered something in sweta's ears, I saw him giving his cock in her mouth which she sucked couple of times.then he came to me and first gave me a long smooch.

I found his tongue going all over in my mouth. Now he said- 'suck my cock sweetie, u will like it'. I probably wanted to do that. I hold his cock in my both the hands, it was beautiful, I licked it. It also had some salty pre-cum probably. Then he suddenly lifted bottom of my green lehenga,

and before I knew, his hands reached inside of my his middle finger was rubbing my wet pussy.he spent some time doing that. Then he went to neha and lifted her in his arms and was kissing her. Then he brought a condom pkt in his mouth and asked me to open the cover

and put it in place.i followed what he said. His cock was very big fr that condom, it barely fitted him tightly. Then he lifted me in his arms and took me to the decorated round bed.slowly he removed all my cloths and was kissing me all the time. I suddenly got worried.

I held his cock in my hand and whispered-'are u going to put it inside.' he smiled -' if I don't, u won't like it, anyway I have not put on condom just to masterbate, u understand.' everything was ready now and my eyes were closed, I sensed his cockhead rubbing on my pussylips.

I was lying quite and excited. Slowly he started inserting, I was very slippery there.i could now feel the rim of his cockhead rubbing me inside. He held to that and he moved his cock in -out 3-4 times there. Then slowly was trying to protrude. He was long, it was taking some time.

He put his both hands under my buttocks and slowly lifted my hips. I think he was now fully inside me. It was such a pleasure. He started slow long rhythmis stroke. Oh my god he was fucking me and so nicely,

I opened my eyes.other two ladies were also naked and were on his side kissing his sides. I looked at his cock which was going in and out of me.i cud see my white frothy juices all over the condom on his cock. I was moaning with his each stroke.

Now he was ready to take me in other positions. He spent time in each doggy style and sideways. Then I had to climb on top of him.oh god!! It was such a thrill and so exciting.then he took other 2 ladies as well, especially neha who is so hot was fucking her like tigress.

He came in sweta's mouth. I also tasted his cum. Entire thing was soch a great fun. It has burnt a fire within. Throughout the week at work I was lost and was thinking of all this. I am waiting for the next party.

Hey reders jusst coment me if you like this real story of my life..even girls are welcome..

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