Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sexy neighbourhood girl Geeta chechi

Hi All This is my first submission in this forum, so kindly bear with me for any mistakes or story styles My name is Vinu and is living in a Cochin, doing my degree course. Even though good looking and well built, I never had chance to have a sexual interaction with any one in my life.

The only source where I enjoyed sex was with my computer and watching sex films. One day when I was alone at home, and was masturbating watching a porn movie in my computer, my neighbour Geetha chechi came to our house looking for my mom.

My mom and father went for a marriage occasion, so I was the only person at home that time. Geethi chechi is a very sexy lady living to our next door, married with no children. Seemed like she had some problems and so she will not have kids.

Husband is working in a transportation company and sometimes so for days from home. The door was not locked and chechi came in searching for mom - and she had a peek to my room on the way. Not knowing her watching me, I continued my job.

"Ahaa…nice job"…I heard chechi's voice Not knowing what to do, I jumped out, switched off computer all of a sudden and made my clothes ok. "Now I know what you are doing" she smiled at me, and walked away… I was so ashamed and could not face her days.

When ever she comes, I used to skip facing her. One day she came to me and asked me to get fuse in her house corrected since she had an electric outage. My mom asked me to go and correct it, I had no other option but to go there.

Reaching her house, I realized that there was no one in the house other than her. I started checking the fuse, it was burnt, and I tied fresh wire to bring back the power. She asked me to have a cup of tea before I leave for which I agreed.

While we were having coffee, she asked me "Vinu, why are you watching bad movies, you are still a student. You should concentrate on studies." I regained a bit courage and answered to chechi…"Chechi, sorry for what happened that day.

I should have closed the door" "Oh..that means it was not what you did wrong, but it was you never closed the door became problem huh?..." Chechi is still holding to that "Chechi, this age, it is like that for all"…I some how completed… "Do you do that every day?

Or how often" I shocked by her this question, I never expected this even though I masturbated many times thinking of her. "Most of the days"…I smiled and slowly regained my confidence and started speaking in the same tone…

"Oh…that is nice" she came close to me in the sofa, took my palm and asked…"You are doing heavy job in this small age with this small hand…huh?" She smiled at me… "What do you think other than watching movie when you do it"

she is still holding to the same topic… "I think of being like in those movies and do the same thing to get hot" I replied… She came close to me and put her hand on top of my pants and asked…"Can I see it?"…

The question was just a formality, without waiting for my permission she opened my zip and pulled my penis out. "Wow….this is really big" she exclaimed….By that time I was half erect by this conversation She started playing with it.

I started enjoying and placed my hand over her nightie and started pressing her right boob… "Do you want to suck it?" she asked…"Yes" I replied… She unhooked her nightie and opened up the front portion and pulled out her beautiful breast…

"Wow…" it was so beautiful and big with big nippled… I jumped on to it like a tiger jumps over its prey. I started squeezing both…. "Chechi, can you please remove your nightie"..I asked…"Ofcourse, why not?", she replied.

She stood up and pulled her nightie over. She also unhooked her bra and pulled it out. I was watching chechi with just a skirt in my front of me. Beautiful boobs and lovely figure. I got full hard and blood started throbbing in my penis.

I felt like it is going to burst out. Chechi made me stand and pulled my t-shirt over and unzipped my pants and jetty. She hugged me tight and her big breast pressed against my chest….She started kissing me wild and bit my lips I was turning violent along with her…

I pulled her on to the sofa and started kissing her wild. I took one of her breast nipple in mouth while sqeezing other. She reached to my cock with her hand meanwhile and started pressing it hard… I stood up and pulled her skirt up…

She was wearing nothing underneath…Her beautiful pussy got revealed in front of me. My first view of a live pussy I touched it, a pussy with little her…seems like she shaved it some time back It was so soak and wet that I felt the juice every where.

I bent down and kissed on it. The smell of her pussy juice made me mad, I started licking her pussy… "Ahh…" she started moarning and pressed my head more close… I pushed my tongue inside and started licking from botton to top inside the valley of her pussy…

She was grabbing my hair and pulling me more and more inside. After few minutes I was turning so hot. I got up and made her stand in a doggy style. I pulled her skirt up again from back and tried to position my cock.

She pulled her hand and reached my cock from below and positioned my cock. "Push now" she said…."Ohhhhh….it was sooooooo good"…My cock slowly slid down her pussy channel. It was so pleasant, the mild hot tight lubricant pussy was driving me crazy.

I pulled out and pushed again… Soon I started like a big piston moving in and out soooo fast…. "Vinu….do it…do it….ahhhhh…" she was moarning with her boobs hanging and swinging. I grabbed them and squeezed it while pumping in and out…

"I am cominggggggggg…………..faaaaassssssssssssttttttttt…" She moarned loud I was also very close with my first experience, I was moving up to a wonderful experience and made my first pumping of thick milk deeeep to her pussy…

One after other, it lasted for few seconds to drain out… She got up, turned to me, smiled and gave me a great kiss. "Don’t waste your energy looking to computers like that any more, may be I can help you" She smiled. I was sooo happy, felt like saying "hurrrrraay"

"Vinu, do come here when you get time" she said. I said "ok", gave her a deep kiss and one more press on her boobs before she proceeded to bath room. I put my dress and walked back my home happily with the satisfaction of my first ever fucking event.

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