Thursday, March 5, 2009

Riya & Seema - Hot college girls

Hi, The incident which I am going to tell u happened a year ago with me. My name is Adi. I am a graduate. My parents & me live in Aurangabad. We got shifted from our old house to new house which was two storey building.

We used to live on the ground floor as we were only 3 persons --my parents & me. The upper floor which had three rooms remained vacant for a long time. Then my parents decided that we should have a paying guest preferably college students.

As soon as we displayed the banner many students came flooding down. In the end two girls were allocated one room on the upper floor. Their names were Riya & Seema. When I saw the those girls my heart skip a beat.

Both the girls were extrememly beautiful, dressed in tight jeans,their asses look provocative when they walked. Their boobs seemed as the will pop out from their T-shirts. The moment I saw them I knew that something will happen.

Everyday I used to see them only when they went out for college & retuned in the evening.Rest of the time they used to reamin in their rooms. I wondered what they must be doing in their rooms. I had an itch to watch tem but I cudn't dare.

Then one day an idea came to my mind. I bought some equipments from the market. Then I found a spare key of their room. One day I got the opportunity when my parents went out for lunch& the girls were in college, I sneaked into their room with the spare key.

The room was neat & tidy.Riya & Seema had to separate beds.On Riya's bed, there was a black panty & a bra. I took the panty in my hands. My hands were shaking. I smelled the panty. It smelt as if a flower was kept inside it.

I began to think how her pussy might taste if it smelt so good.Going with my plan,I took out my equipment & with great difficuly after 1 hr. I fitted the equipment. The equipment was a hidden camera. Having confirmed that everything in the room seems to be normal.

I came out & locked it. I went to my room & opened up my pc to which the camera was connected. My heart was beating very fast as I clearly saw their room. In the evening,my wait was over as both of them returned from college.

As they went upstairs,I went to my room & started the pc. I began to sweat as I watched them. Seema went to the bathroom & Riya started undressing. She took off her T-shirt & jeans. She looked damn gorgeous. Then she pulled out her panty to reveal her light hairy pussy.

My cock became very hard & wet. I cudn't imagine that i'm seeing a real girl naked & that too so beautiful. Then she unhooked her bra & now she was completely naked. My heart began to race as she came very close to the camera. I cud see her boobs very clearly.

The nipples were reddish & hard. I wished to bite them. Then she took out an evening gown & wore it. I began to masturbate thinking that there was nothing underneath her gown. Then Seema came out in bra & panty & wore her gown.

But now I was interested only in Riya,my love. This became a daily routine & I recorded each & every inch of their nakedness.& now I wanted Riya badly>I knew she too liked me bcoz the looks of her eyes told me.

She used to give me a smile whenevr she saw me not knowing that I have already seen her naked 100s of times. Then one day Seema went out of town to her home leaving Riya alone. I knew that this was a big chance to meet Riya.

I was desperate to meet her. I gave her my charming smile & she too returned hers. Two days passed but nothing happened. Then on the 3rd day in the evening,when I was outside I saw her in the window. When she saw me,she tried to tell me something but I cudn't figure it out.

That night I cudn't sleep thinking that she wanted to tell me something. At 2 am in the night I opened up my Pc & watched her. To my surprise she was also awake. Then I realised that she must be waiting for me.Not wasting my time I locked my room & went upstairs.

I knocked her door. To my surprise she opend the door smilingly. I hurriedly went inside. She locked the door & stood beside it. We stared each other for some moments then I grabbed her & started kissing her. She too grabbed me & holded me tightly.

Her warm body pressing against mine. We liplocked for some time & then I gave my tongue into her mouth & she gave her tongue inside my mouth. We started playing with our tongues. The saliva was dropping out of our mouths then I sucked her tongue taking it deep inside.

She began to moan---mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm. Then she said," Come on Adi Fuck me,I am so wet." I lifted her & took her too bed. I lifted her gown up to reveal her beautiful legs & lifted it more & saw hers mouth watering pussy.

My mouth turned dry & I became thirsty. I spread her legs & opend up the lips with my fingers. She was not a Virgin. Then gently I started licking her pussy. Mucus was continuously coming out of it & I enjoyed licking it as it was very tasty.

I inserted my tongue deep inside & she began to moan aaahhhhhh ssssssssshhhhh aahhhhhhhh. After licking her for a long time, I gave the taste of her mucus to her by kissing her & she hurriedly sucked it all.

The I took off her gown & now she was completely naked. I too got undressed. I began to carress her boobs & she began to play with my cok with her hands. Her nipples got hard & erect so was my cock. I sucked her nipples & bit them.

She got so horny that she moved me & start sucking my cock.Gently she played with the tip of cock with her tongue & then she took it deep inside her mouth.Lots of precum was coming out of my cock & she was sucking it all. She started sucking it harder & faster.

Then I had to stop her.Now my cock was the hardest & longest one in the world & it was ready to get inside her hot pussy. She spread her legs & I saw it was completely wet & still precum was coming out of her pussy.

Gently I shoved my cock & it got easily penetrated. The moment I shoved it inside her,it seemed as if I've entered a new world. It was extremely hot & got lubricated a lot due to precum. She screamed out lightly aaaaaahhhhhhhh

ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhh oohhhhh as I started pumping her. I cud feel her erected clitoris."Ohhhhhhh Adi fuck me deep aahh ohhhhhh." And so I applied my full strength & pumped her much much harder & so I got deeper & deeper.

I fucked for sometime like that & when I got tired,she took the charge. She sat on me & took my cock inside her pussy & started riding.Firstly she moved forward & backward & finally started up & down up & down. I holded her boobs tightly while she rided me fast.

We both were sweating a lot & I liked her sweat body. Then I realised that its time for final showdown so I took the charge. I holded her legs up on my shoulders & stroked my cock inside her. This time I got it in the deepest part of her pussy.

This technique was learnt from KS. Soon we both got talking dirty. Riya: Oh yaa fuck me ohhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.......Me: Oh do it baby.Do it. aaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh.

Riya:Cum in me ooohhhhhhhh ssssssshhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhhhh deeeeeper aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Me: Gimme ur cum baby..... ohhhh lovely bitch do it........ ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh

Riya: Ohh ya Honey Ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sssssssshhhhhhhhh Me: aaaaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh pusss puss for my cocky.........Riya: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm cumming................. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh & soon cum was coming out of her pussy.Now my climax came & soon as my cock was to cum I took it out & I did it all over her body. She holded my cock while it was dancing ejacualting cum.

She licked out my cock & I licked her pussy. We both got cleaned up. We both were tired & were sweating as if we've taken a bath. I dressed up while she lied naked. I said to her that I had to go mto my room.

Before leaving we kissed passionately again & she said to me that she'll be waiting tomorrow & that she wanted to fuck in different positions with me. I was also glad that it will give the opportunity to record our sex video. And I went to my room began to wait for the next days encounter.

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